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I am responding to this review....... 1 rating      12/21/17 Ryan M. Overall Experience I was at store 805 Baltimore Street #245 Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331 at 10 am before it opened. 1 woman was in front of me outside the door of the store. Suddenly a man comes up and starts knocking on the window so that he could get his gf/wife to open the door and allow him to cut in line. The stylist ignored me and the fact that I was there first so that she could service her man. The stylist in question was a blonde with a pink highlight named Lisa. My actual haircut was fine and preformed by another stylist. What this gentleman failed to realize is that I was there at 9:30am. When the store opens up at 10:00am. I was sitting in the parking lot directly in front of the store. The woman that the above review is referencing knew that I was there waiting. I did not cut in front of anyone. Lisa did not take me in front of anyone. I was there 25 minutes before anyone else got there. I am not "her man", I have been a loyal customer to her and to that store for quite some time. In the future I would hope the person who wrote that review would know the entire story before writing a false review. Have an amazing day. Tom P

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